Ionize Solutions delivers the highest possible security against overvoltages and lightning strikes in high and low voltage installations. The Strikesorb are used in thousands of installations worldwide. The ultimate 99.99% system availability protects your equipment!

To comply with the standard you will only need a one-time investment.

In 443.4 of NEN 1010 :2020 it is indicated that overvoltage protection must be applied if the consequences of overvoltage affect:

A) human life, for example security services, medical care facilities;

B) public services and heritage, e.g. loss of public services, data centers, museums;

C) commercial or industrial activity, e.g. hotels, banks, industry, markets, farms;

D) a large number of people, e.g. large buildings, offices, schools.

In all other cases, a risk assessment according to 443.5 must be performed to determine whether protection against transient overvoltages is needed. If the risk assessment has not been performed, the electrical installation must be provided with transient overvoltage protection.

Strikesorb's unique design is maintenance-free and can withstand multiple surges or impacts.




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