Strikesorb is a patented technology from Raycap that ensures the continuous protection of mission-critical equipment. This unique surge protection system (SPD which stands for Surge Protection Device) offers a very safe solution for any environment because it does not use materials that can burn, smoke or even explode.

The unique and patented design on the inside:



Strikesorb SPDs are tested and certified according to international safety and performance standards, IEC and UL. Because Strikesorb technology can in fact withstand thousands of repeated peak voltages without failure or degradation, it is considered a maintenance-free technology. This is very unique and unlike against any other surge protection technology on the market.

Fuse-less operation offers unrivalled performance against lightning and power surges, making it the most reliable SPD for protecting the entire installation. The unique ability of Strikesorb modules to withstand high short-circuit currents enables flexible integration into industrial systems. It is also an "in-line" installation option in both AC and DC applications without the need for a special fuse.

Strikesorb's installation results in the lowest possible throughput voltage and ensures an optimum level of protection for critical infrastructure equipment. Based on years of performance in the field, the expected lifetime of Strikesorb modules is more than 20 years. All modules come with a 10 year product warranty.

Raycap has been committed to the development and production of surge and lightning protection solutions for several decades. Raycap produces advanced, unique and patented products worldwide. Ionize Solutions and Raycap make no compromises in the line of quality. From rigorous internal factory testing to independent external testing. This has resulted in customer-focused service with superior product warranties. Ionize Solutions and Raycap are flexible and innovative in order to continue to meet the needs within the various industrial branches.

The products and quantity to be used can be determined based on the existing design of the power lines, the risk of the location and the uptime or value of the connected equipment. Ionize Solutions can always give you the right advice free of charge which solution is the best.



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